The Tux's Consulting Services

DoctorTux understand the business needs of our customers. We can help you to identify cost-saving opportunities and implementation strategies for strategic business needs.

An overall plan will include consideration of:

  • Comprehensive architecture review
  • Survey of Business needs
  • Cost-effective business solution designs
  • Customized training for your staff
  • Deployment Planning

Our Consulting Service is a powerful resource to help you obtain the very best out of your Business information technology investment. You can turn our technical expertise into a quick, affordable, and efficient means of meeting your information technology needs. Our consulting services help you to obtain the right technology infrastructure solution for your business. We are here to help you to experience excellence throughout your information technology deployment.

DoctorTux provides preferred support for key open source software applications. We solve business problems in key infrastructure computing areas with business IT consulting services. Architecture Design & Review

Our design and review services include:

  • Identity Need
  • Identity Solution
  • Platform/Systems Acquisition
  • Security
  • Cost Management

DoctorTux has a team of experienced engineers who are committed to lead and assist the deployment of Linux and Open Source Software in areas where it makes sense to your business. Our focus is on cost reduction, improved effectiveness, and efficient delivery of the services your business needs today and tomorrow.

Our team is committed to extend your business capabilities. Our only priority is that you, our customer, will be enabled with every competitive advantage that Linux and Open Source Software solutions can deliver. Without doubt, knowledge is not just important but how it is used determines whether or not your business will gain the leading edge you need to stay ahead in a demanding business climate.

The solutions we propose are based on your needs, not on our preferences or alignments with specific companies. We look for the most appropriate Open Source Software solution available and then we look for the best commercial software solutions. We strive to provide the best value for your dollar.